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Locked Escape is a popular Live Action Room Escape/Adventure game provider in the city center of Budapest where the teams can experience unique excitement and adrenaline rush in different missions. In our top new misson you have to escape the dark hospital's operating room, and on the other dynamic story based missions you have to try to rob the Bank or protect the victim of a serial killer. We have got two locations to play at the most busiest junctions of the city.

Secret Lab Escape Adventure Game Locked The Surgery

Locked Escape is the Game Of The Year in 2013 and in 2014
We are trying to recognize your real needs. We are listening to your opinion, while always try to show something new. We keep refreshing our games dynamically, shape it the way that you will not have time to rest and we like to fill the full game time with various tasks. This is what we can promise you if you visit us! In case you have already visited us, you can prepare for new challenges, as our new games are currently in progress.
Lockedescape Live Room Escape Game Budapest
Team building escape adventure game as a gift! Have you already visited us, and you have liked it? Have you heard of us and would like to give it as a gift to your relatives, family or colleague? It is a guaranteed unique gift, and great surprise! The gift vouchers can be bought here!

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